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Sunday, December 17, 2017

First in Germany


Great to be back in writing! And it's already near to 2018. So I went to Germany last month. The weather was super cold with the crazy wind. Guys, if you're travelling somewhere cold this few months, please pack wisely. Tip: WISELY.

And I'll comment on Germany overall after these tours.

Okay so first off, I touch down in Frankfurt and then headed to Heidelberg to have a tour around and visit the Heidelberg Castle. Then back to Frankfurt to visit St. Paul Church, Goethes's House and have a look at the City Hall. Just casual one since it's the first day after touch down.

Just around this bridge (at this area too), were two statues, a monkey and 2 little mice as shown below. People drop by to take photos with them. I find the two little mice are cute so I took too. XD

I'm not sure which cathedral is this.

Day 2, I visited Rothernburg to have a look at St. Jacob's Church, famous Kathe Wohlfahrt's Chistmas Village🎄 and to walk around the Medieval town. The weather was still okay as it's sunny and slight wind.

Strolling around down town

Day 3 - I get to visit Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart City and then proceed to shop at this outlet called Metzingen Outlet City. After shopping for whole day, we all went back to Munich for the last few nights.

Day 4 - Visited Nueschwanstein Castle in Neuschwanstain (of course) with super cold weather❆⛄ that it snowed! Then I got to dropped by BMW Welt, another Germany produced automobiles and motorbikes. I was a little disappointed as the MINI merchandise section was closed for upgrading. :(

We had to walk all the way up to the castle, which was about 30mins due to the weather and we had to catch our entry time. Once you miss it, you are not allowed to enter with the same ticket. So it was like a marathon in the snow.

No pictures of videos were allowed in the castle so this was all I got.
This lake was small but beauuuuuuuuutiful đź’–

Day 5 - Last day in Munich and of course we had to walk around in the Munich city with some city tours. And we had a farewell dinner at the City Hal itself.

I think it's a fake sun behind. It doesn't warm me at all

My roommate for my trip. Super funny auntie

 #ootd for the night

Before I sign off, I would like to comment about Germany. Nice city, with the attractions and places to visit. BUT.
BUT, I must say, the people are not friendly at all. 99% of the Germans I and we met were either rude or really rude. Whenever they see us Asian, they'll shakes their heads and mumble in their language. I'm not sure it's their culture or maybe their past experience on Asians, it's really obvious that when someone treat us normal, they are usually not Germans.

Sorry but not sorry that I didn't spend like crazy on you, Germany. Let me know if you do feel or felt the same way or it's just me.



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