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Friday, February 24, 2017

We Meet Again, Bangkok


A little update before February ends! I went to Bangkok last week for my company's ASEAN meeting and also training. Didn't really have much time to shop explore Thailand as our timing were a little constrained. I did went to a few new places that I've never been when I visited Bangkok few years back.

Quite refreshing to visit Bangkok again. Though it's a rush one.

View from Millenium Hilton Hotel, Bangkok

Our hotel was just next to a restaurant named The Never Ending Summer. Very comfortable ambiance and nice food too! Not all the dishes that we ordered were great but 80% of them were really finger licking. We ordered too much each time we dine at that restaurant and I couldn't catch up with the names. Heh.

These are mostly the food we ordered. There were some more but since I don't remember their names, I'll just leave it in my folder. In case you guys visit Bangkok, give this restaurant a try. 

Then I tried some of their local food and drinks especially their street food. Didn't try much, cause my tummy were already burst.

Spicy Pork with Isan Style Sauce
This dish is super awesome and cheap!😲 It cost only 70baht and I really love the combination of the spices! Spicy and sour. If I hadn't had too much for dinner earlier, I would have eaten two plates of this! Maybe three!

Tried their cheese tart from BAKE. Didn't like it. The crust was almost stone-like texture and the cheese was so so. But the bottom left photo was their crab meat salad. Mad love for their sauce. Super spicy and refreshing! Gosh I wish I had extra tummy! Also, tried their cold pressed juice from Mooooood&Juice. Probably it was the flavor that I had wasn't that inviting, so I wasn't really enjoying it. They should have labelled their ingredients on the bottle for reference. *just suggesting*

I also tried their dessert when I had some free time. Dessert was okay, I ordered a Cup C for myself, which is the one at the bottom right. Had cappuccino for drink but it was warm and taste so so. Didn't finish my drink.

Fellow colleagues

That would be my 5-days-in-Bangkok meeting/training trip. I would go back to Bangkok again. WHo wouldn't, right? Just need to beware with your wallet, it might end up only at one place - shopping mall.

Til then!

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