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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Planning for a Wedding - Bridesmaid Version


I'm not sure how married couple plan and arrange all the dets from the beginning but I'm pretty sure it;s really tiring. Even you hire an event company to settle everything. Just being a bridesmaid is tiring enough for me when I used to always think that a bridesmaid's job is just to look pretty and pose for the camera next to the bride. Pfft.

I'm gonna write a small part of the wedding preps and issues based on a bridesmaid point of view.

#1. Planning for a surprise Hen's Night Party for the bride. Geeez. This was a tough one. The bride's sister tried so hard to get the bride to come over with all sorts of lies and we thought it will be a fail surprise.But thank God the bride wasn't heartless after all for the sister and came "to her rescue". LOL...

Luckily the surprise was a success!
Fucking bride to be

#2. Decorating the whole venue for lunch after the morning church ceremony. This was a little challenge for us. The venue was occupied the night before for open band until 11pm. Meaning, we could only start decorating after 11pm. Imagine the time needed to decorate the whole place with only simple decors. We arrived at the venue around 10ish and started preparing the ribbons and props before we officially took over the whole venue.

It took us 3 hours-ish to complete the whole place. It wasn't a huge place so about 15 of us managed to get it done pretty quick.

The night before
Actual day. 

#3. Actual day. First thing about actual day is waking up early. It's like chasing sunrise. Felt exhausted after the late night sleep the night before but feeling excited for their BIG DAY!!

After the church ceremony which I didn't have any pictures as I was one of the bridesmaid to walk into the isle before the bride, we head off to the lunch venue to set up the photo booth and reception table.

But first, coffee! XD

Marching in again.

#4. Post wedding. All the weight were off the shoulder! Such a relief to end the wedding! It felt like it all happened in a blink and then everything was over. Sitting down, reminiscing all the fun part from early morning together. Pheeeeew!

All the sticky sweaty smelly bridesmaid were paid off. Worth it! It was a great wedding. 
Look at those shoes.

Sticky bride!

#5. Dinner. It was a simple dinner with family and friends. And a better time for the newly weds to say a proper hi/chit chat with relatives and just a simple dinner together.

Ha! Whatever he said, not convincing enough


It's not over yet. They have another wedding in KL this coming weekend.


Buckle up!

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you.
-Marry You by Bruno Mars