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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Hi Peeps


Oh dear! After so long I found time to write a short one! Am I missed? Heh. Anyway, I went to Singapore another round, but this time for business training trip. Three intensive training on 4 different products. My brain was burnt really bad. But it was a great trip overall.

We still managed to have some time at night to eat and walk around Singapore. Just a short and quick one.

Aren't they cute? I've already started my Secret Santa shopping!🎄 Arghhh! Christmas is very very near and I'm so excited!

Elevator selfie. LOL

 This is a cafe connected to my hotel. Oh, I stayed in Park Hotel Alexandra btw. I love the ambience of this cafe! LOL, a little bias already because they decorates the whole tiny place with Christmas decors. But they food was nice too. I dined twice here within 3 days. 😆

I'm so curios with this orange juice vending machine! So sakai of me OMG 😝. I watched the process of them squeezing the oranges and flow to the cup to sealing it to delivery. Ahh.. I want this in my house.

The famous Hai Di Lao steamboat! Finally get to dine here after sooooo many recommendations. Great night with the ladies, food wise I think just a slight tiny weeny overrated. 🙊

Major incident happened was I got my finger injured and didn't get my manicure done (as posted in mt FB). So sad..But it's okay. I just got my gel manicure done today. Hah!💜

So anyone is excited for holidays and Christmas?!


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