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Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Hi guys.. I'm still good. Been transitioning this month so I'm still busy coping with my new environment at work and also life after work especially weekends. But I'll go through that later on when I have more opportunity to. Hang on okay? I just need to let this out right now.

Have you guys said this to anyone - "Don't disappoint me"?

To the listener, my first question would be, how do you feel about that? When I first heard it, it was nothing, really. Of course I won't.. Duh.. You know, trying to somehow answer the question with a good impression.

But then, it went differently. The specific question kept popping up in my head over and over, among all questions. And then I realized, I took it the other way. Hear me out.

Often when people say "Don't disappoint me" it always means "You've already disappoint me, but please don't do it again". Yet it's not that "You are a disappointment" level yet which I think that is why most people don't really get upset when they were being told with that sentence. For them, it just mean "Okay you can do better".

It's like when parents tell their kids to "Make us proud", it's because they are already proud with their kids and there's nothing more to be done to really make them proud. 

As far as I remember, I don't recall my parents saying those words to me too. If they did, I would have remember well, at least one of the occasions. Ha! I must have been such a brat.

One of the contributions that made me think that is because I heard it from the radio (or read it somewhere maybe) that you should never tell people things that starts with DON'T/DO NOT. It's a short but sharp and negative word that would affect someone's emotion and action afterwards. Hence, you see signboards with DO NOT PARK HERE, DO NOT SPIT or CAUTION, DO NOT TOUCH because these are the strong words to keep people out of it, to show how dangerous the whole sentence means. 

How would someone even come out with those three words if it hadn't happen at the first place? It's not something that you will say everyday, right? I still remember a friend of mine once said "I look highly on you". I can't remember when was it but I remember it for as long as I could until this day. In a very good way.

Relax, my time is yet to come.

Maybe this is just ridiculous and it's just me. 


Still enjoying the weekends despite all.

Hold the door, say "please", say "thank you"
Don't steal, don't cheat, and don't lie
I know you got mountains to climb
But always stay humble and kind
- Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw


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