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Friday, September 09, 2016

Casual House Party


I'm back! I'm back! Loll.. I have just a little time to write. I've been down with flu, fever and cough. 3-in-1, the best. So I've been resting at home for 2 days this week and back to work yesterday. Still on minimal medication. The meds makes me sleepy so I try not to take them in the morning.

But today is a very very veeery good day. I just can feel it. :) Good vibes, you know. Last weekend we (the MINI team) had a great night with a house party together at The Face Suite. The celebration is for my boss - a farewell party. 

First things first, the place was awesome. With nice view and spacious for all of us. Maybe 15 of us? Comfortably of course.

Story cut short, we all really enjoyed ourselves in that house watching tv, eating food, making jokes, playing with helium balloons, playing cards. Basically quite a relaxing night. But only 6 of us stayed overnight.

For some of us who weren't enough with just house party, we went out. Went to TREC and it was packed with people. So we stopped at one of the pubs with a mini club on the second floor.

Story cut shorter, happening lah. Haha!

Not the complete gang but, better than nothing! :*

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