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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beauty Issue #12 - Brown-Red Lipsticks


I've been into lipsticks more this year. I don't exactly have any favourite colour at the moment as there are huuuuuge varieties of choices. Not to mention from different brands. There are three brands here that I tried on and I'm gonna go through it in the simplest way.

I'm attracted to brown-reddish/wine/burgundy lip colours lately. And I manged to tried on few different brands.

Do you love the colours too?! I have here - Make Up Forever, MAC and Bobbi Brown. 

1. Make Up For Ever - 

The application is pretty easy. It's moisturising to my lips and I give credit to that. The colour is a little sheer to my preferences and I would use it for a nude make up. But since I always have very minimal eye make up, I tend to boost up the attention to my lips. Hence I need something that pops out my overall makeup look.

2. M.A.C - 

Great colour. Love how pigmented the colour is! It's matte finish and this colour is so cool. But I would need to use a lip brush to apply the colour on my lips as the texture is matte and it's not as easy as the other two brands. 

3. Bobbi Brown

Very easy application, no lip brush needed and the colour stays quite well on my lips. After application, it looks like a normal-glossy lipstick but when I blot it using a tissue, it looks like matte finish. Magic!

So what I do is:-

1. Apply first layer
2. Blot
3. Reapply a thin layer

Swatches below:-

1. Bobbi Brown
2. M.A.C
3. Make Up For Ever

What's your thought on these brands?


Put your red dress on,
put your lipstick on
Sing your song, song, now the camera's on 
And you're alive again
- Carmen by Lana Del Rey


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