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Friday, August 26, 2016

Singapore Spree

Hola! Today is the day that I finally have time to pen something down! It feels crazy to know that it's been TWO weeks since I was in Singapore! Missing all the fun and great people!

Anyway, I mentioned that I'm gonna share what I bought from Singapore trip. Heh. Shopping, buying. It's fun when I can use "souvenir" as an excuse to ship around. I love buying gifts for people. :)

1. Bior├ę Powder Sheet - It's not available in Watsons Malaysia so I was excited to get this in Singapore actually. Really useful wipes especially when I was going outdoor whole day in Singapore with the hot weather.

2. Cotton On - I was at their outlet and I got two items from there. A white singlet and a long necklace (for souvenir. cheh..)

3. Kate Spade charms - I loooove the charms because of the words they put in on the card! So meaningful and I knew straight away who I was going to give it to. 

4. Pins - I got it from a store, I can't remember the name but the concept is something like Cube in Sunway Pyramid or 1Utama. Really cute and nice pins they have.

5. Ipad cover - Got myself a clear ipad cover. I am using one but I prefer one without the front cover so, yeah, I got this. 

This D Plus bread where I can get from any 7-Eleven but only in Singapore. Everyone I told to in Singapore mentioned it is really nice and cheap. And a friend of mine told me to get her some. I tried a bite and it's really good, for a bread you can get from 7-Eleven and cheap.

These Singapore Story folders are sooooo adorable! Can't help it but I bought them as souvenirs for my colleagues. Very unique folders. #ilooooike

Ahhh... Cosmetics. Most exciting part among all my purchases. Most of it are brands that I couldn't get from Watsons Malaysia. Have yet to try all of them but soon. Patience people, patience.

Close up. I've watched a few Youtubers recommending the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser. And I couldn't find it in Malaysia too. So that was the first thing I looked for when I went in. 

Brands like L.A Girls, Autralis which I don't see it in the drugstores. Probably you can get it online but I was there so I get to test with most of their products and got a few for myself and as souvenirs too.
Productive trip I had. I didn't expect to get these. I've never notice or walk in to Singapore's Watsons too. They really have loads of interesting drugstore brands. *thumbs up*

Any of the brands which are your favourite? ;)

I'll be back real soon. Stay put!


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