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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Happy Week


First week of August was pretty well spent! And this will be a short one. Let's roll.

I got a 3-in-1 lens for my phone for RM9.90. Haha cheapo! I only use wide angle lens most of the time. The quality is of course, duh not that great compared to a more professional lens but it was good if being used outdoor though. So this was one of the shots.

Managed to have that Sunday off and my plan for that day was packed. Travelling whole day from Sentul to Klang to USJ to KLIA and back to Sentul. Pheeew, thank God it was SUNDAY!

Celebrated the first birthday of August!

Happy birthday again ,Selene! I was so nervous while waiting for her to come back from lunch and to surprise her! Good thing it was a success and we finished the cake. Haha! Love giving surprises. #birthdaysurprisesuccess!

That's all for now, til then!


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