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Monday, August 01, 2016

Blessed July 2016


End of July! Moving towards the fun part of the rest of 2016! But before I start my August posts, let me recap on the blessings I had in July!

1. New edition to my G shock series! I love love love this marble pattern of grey, black and white. I've always wanted a grey-ish G shock, and now I have it!

2. Gift from amoi - Sailormoon facial mask with some homemade soap+lipbalm from her friend. Oh my goodness, I had a great laugh when I saw the packaging for the facial masks! So cute! She got it from her Japan trip which was waaaaay long some time ago but it's fine, I'm sill happy to receive gifts!

I have yet to try out her friend's soap and lipbalm. Let's see what wonders can all these do. ;)

3. Cute paws! Eeeee! I kept touching them while they were asleep. Thee were few dogs/pups in The School, Jaya One last two weekends so I did a tiny donation for them. Hope that each one of them will get a home soon. Such cuties. #icandienow.

Last but not least, I'm thankful for all the dinners, catching ups, meetings and happy times I had in July. More to come!


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