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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Beauty Issue #11 - NARS Concealer


This round, it's about concealer! I'm always sceptical about putting on concealers, wondering if they really could cover the dark circles. I've tried a few e.g. Lancome (few years back), and some other brands that I can't remember.

P/S I have the impression that if you don't remember something or someone, it must be pretty bad what happened back then. XD

Well so, I've been on YouTube pretty much lately, to give concealers another go. Another reason is because mine was getting worse than before >.< I can't keep looking at myself at the mirror and puke, right? So I watched a few of the famous beauty YouTubers doing review on this particular brand - NARS.

"Ooo, that's crazy!"
"Does it really work?"
"I think it's the video editing.."
"Nah... I don't believe it."
"Can't trust these videos that much,"

I thought.

I never thought that I would actually walk into NARS that night after dinner and get one of my own. I didn't even know NARS is available in Midvalley. Anyways, the sales girl was very quick when I said I wanted something to conceal my dark circles and she asked if I would give it a try on the spot.

And I did. I wasn't really convinced by the way she applied it on my under eye yet I bought it anyway. Hmph. I told myself "I think I can do better than this"

I tried it on last week when I got home earlier one night.

I was surprised. Seriously. The coverage was so rich yet light on me. And the most important thing is, it did really cover my dark circles! Geeeez. Why didn't I get it earlier?

Hence, I put it on officially to Sephora's 5th Year Anniversary Party @ KL Live last Friday and I love it so much. I need not worry about my look that night - I mean my eyes. It does what it was meant to do. Superb job. From now on, I'm not worried if I have dark circles cause I know the temporary solution for it. ;)

I'm not sure if I found the best concealer but, I'm up for any challenge. And it's good to know there are competitions out there. I'm already eyeing on another brand of concealer by the way. Let me know if you have your favourite. I might give it a try. :)

Oh ya, I enjoyed Karmin's performance too! #fanmodeon

I can't think about anybody but you, sugar
I can't think about anybody but you (but you)
I can't think about anybody but you, sugar
I can't think about anybody but you (but you)

- Sugar by Karmin


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