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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

2016 Singapore Getaway


I just got back from my very short trip - Singapore. The last time I went over was about 4 years ago. How time flies! It was fun, I've been wanting to re-visit Singapore to meet up with my cousins but as usual, time constrained. But then, I realised I am the one who arrange my time and schedules. So let's just go!

I only managed to visit a few places due to my short stay but it's good enough when you meet the right people there!

Went to Sentosa Island, did not enter USS (don't ask why cause I don't know XD) but first thing we did was to drop by Hard Rock Cafe for a dessert. Hah!

Next stop!

1. S.E.A. Aquarium

The whole place was so awesome! We wondered around like kids with "Whoaaaa Whoaaaa!" with light jumps too! XD And boy, the place was huge too! I literally burnt a lot of fats walking around. If you guys haven't been to this S.E.A Aquarium, you will not regret it. Worth your money!

And I found both Nemo and Dory too. #idontfindpokemon

Got myself a sunglasses

2. Trick Eye Museum

Nothing much in this museum. There are a lot of 3D wallpapers for you to snap really nice pictures but I'm not really impressed with them. And I told my cousins this museum managed to trick my money. :/

3. Sentosa Merlion

Nothing unique with this Sentosa Merlion except I did learn about Singapore's history (only now). Obviously I did not pay attention in my History class. The only thing I love about this attraction is the view I took and the gold medal as a souvenir.

3. Wonder Full - Light and Water Show

I didn't plan this one. I thought after whole day walking I would be able to shop around in an aircond building and then walk around in my next stop. But since it was a good timing, my cousins decided to watch the Light and Water show. Even when they watched a million times.

4. Garden By The Bay

I was really exhausted with my day activity, so this was the best shot I got from my last stop. XD Don't judge me. I wasn't prepared to have a walk-aton in Singapore. We did arrive at the Garden but I was too tired to enjoy the view and walk around so I called it the night.

We enjoyed our last bit of the night in Beanstro with drinks and dessert and of course, laughter. I'm so grateful to meet my cousins in Singapore. They paid for my food and sweat together under the hot sun, walked whole day together and get exhausted together too. Crazy weekend. 

And that's not it! I'll be back next round on what I bought from Singapore! Both souvenir and shopping! ;)


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