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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Places I DIne In #1


So, talk about being a foodie. It's pretty difficult to get a new, decent place to dine in, you know. As usual, Malaysian's most asked question is "Where to eat?

Then you Google - Places to eat in Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur.

A bunch of websites, with lots of recommendations. Read the reviews and went to the restaurants.

And.............. bam it was a bad meal. It is really hard to get a nice place to eat these days. I don't even want to know how does those restaurants survive. I don't mind if it's not mind-blowing kind of food they serve but at least, something edible. Not just fried food, salad and mash potato to make a restaurant.

But there are a few gems that I found. And today I'm going to introduce three (3) of them, which you guys might have know them too. :)

#1. The Hungry Hog
The Hungry Hog

NON HALAL. Sorry to Muslim readers but this is one of my favourite place to go. Decent menu, portions are on par with the price, love the simplicity and straight forward of the food. I tired a few of their dishes. Their siew yok is not the best I had though. Otherwise, it's a good place to dine in.

The only downside is, hunting for parking is as hard as hunting Pokemon. X(

#2. KotaKotak

HALAL. Owned by quite a young group of people ( I guess), their food are a little fusion with local dishes. Decent food with decent price. I'm there quite often during lunch for their lunch promo. Heh. They serve desserts too. I tried their cakes a few times and I realised sometimes their cakes do have a little smell. Not sure it's the cake itself or the fridge though.

Not perfect, they have been operating not long. So, hope to see them improve more :)

#3. The Kitchen Table

NON HALAL. Went for the first time, tried their food and LOVED it. You know it's a great place when you actually crave for it! 80% of the food we (four of us) ordered was great and we enjoyed the dinner a lot. The taste, the flavor, the ingredients - all so fresh and delicious!

The variety of their menu is not much but I think they do give it a switch occasionally. They serve fusion food too for example their version of lei cha ( on first picture). Apple pie with Gula Melaka was one of our dessert. 



You guys should give these places a try. We can talk about the disagreements later on. ;)


Have good food!

Til then!


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