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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life at Work


I realised I seldom talk much about my work with you guys online. It's not that I don't want to, I just don't know why I don't. HAHA! I think I should write something at this point.

Up to date, MINI is my longest job ever in my life. Time passed too quick that it has been 2 years since I first joined. So much to remember, so much to recap, too little memory space to keep them. We spend a lot of time seeing each other. Celebrations like birthdays, April Fool's, Christmas together as a family. It's a small team, after all.

I grew a lot mentally - and emotionally. Situations that I thought I couldn't handle, things that I never thought of learning, the monthly/quarterly target that I thought was too hard to achieve. I had never been more harsh on myself now than any of my previous jobs. Pushing myself to my own limits.

And then went cuckoo for a while dealing with it. Highlighted C.U.C.K.O.O.

Being in the sales line, is not easy. Really. Everything in this world ain't easy, right?

But for a person who has zero idea on the what-not-processes from selling a car to delivering it and to after sales, it's really tough. Crazy tough. They say NO PAIN, NO GAIN and I say it's damn bloody true. It's the pain that gained me the experience of meeting another level of humans in this world. Understanding the human nature in depth, the people that you thought you wouldn't have meet.

Awry to say, I enjoy the pain. :|

Excluding the hardship I face every single day, I really enjoy myself being part of this brand. I can't describe the satisfaction I get from it. I am thankful that I am being moulded by it, becoming someone I never thought I would become. Cheeeeh.

All in all, I am still contemplating the love-hate relationship with this job of mine. Maybe that's what attracts me the most.

Such relationship.

Pride and Proud

And no matter the weather, we can do it better
You and me together, forever and ever
We don't have to worry 'bout a thing, 'bout a thing

- Just like Fire, Pink


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