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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

I'm Mad About Coco


So, last weekend was my off weekend and my friends and I went to Mad About Coco to give it a try. I have zero idea what was the review like, we just felt like having a good dessert after a great dinner and I stumbled upon this place in Publika (we were having Korean dinner in Sri Hartamas). 

We ordered 3 desserts as above - The Best Brownie with Ice Cream, some Waffle thing with melted chocolate and a mini combo thing that has the signature Mad About Coco, churros and waffle (again). 

For a split second I thought it was closing as we arrived Publika around 9:30pm but *pheeeeew* (or I thought). The interior was pretty, menu was inviting, I had a hard time picking my dessert.


Awful. It was awful. I don't get it, they are not generous with the "melted chocolate" (that's what they call it), my brownies, c'mon, the Best Brownies? You've got to be kidding me. The vanilla ice cream is not yummy at all, the Mad About Coco is just a cheap-ingredient cake. 

And worst of all, it's over expensive for such quality of dessert. We really regretted for not waiting for out turn in Salon du Chocolat. There is a reason why people are queuing for Salon du Chocolat! Waste of money. Seriously my tummy wasn't happy after that. 

It's either they dropped their standard or they just want that place to close down. I'm not sure about you guys, but I would advice you guys to think twice to visit this dessert store. Unless you don't mind wasting money for the interior. Meh.


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