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Sunday, July 24, 2016

For Every Single Cents


Coins. Coins. Coins. I used a lot of coins when I was younger. Duh. Of course I did. Back in my days 50cents were considered huge - in size and value. I love keeping all the coins. Probably I've been seeing my dad keeping it inside his drawer and it was so cool to see his stack of coins. It's like he's collecting all sorts of each year and designs.

But then, the value of these coins nowadays doesn't worth much. It's pretty obvious in the restaurants, you'll notice adults now doesn't keep the coins, they just leave it instead. Such a waste. It's still consider money, you know.

I remember very well, my dad got me a Snoopy piggy bank for one of my birthday. I didn't understand why exactly. Well I do know what's a piggy bank for but it was my birthday. I was expecting something...else. LOL. Something more bombastic like a futuristic toy or something.

Throughout my working years (I've been working for5 years now), I've learnt to save every penny I got. Every single penny means something at the end of the day. You might not see it right there and then but you will. 

So everytime I clear my piggy bank at the end of the year, I feel excited about it. It's not a lot, for sure but it's the pleasure you get. It's like "Wow... I do can save money". And I love counting them. I know the banks have the machine to calculate them yet I still want to touch every single cents I have before I go to the bank. Sick, yeah I know. XD

My lesson from my dad (again), a piggy bank, makes a difference in someone's life. Imagine what you will get at the end of the day when you start putting notes into a piggy bank. I would go for something solid, not those transparent kind of piggy bank. This gives you a suspense on how much would you get. And the point it to not let you get distracted by not looking at the value inside. With that, you'll be more focused in putting coins/notes in.

Try it out. It's another kind of fun I have been playing since I was a kid. I definitely would want my kids to know the purpose of a piggy bank in future. 

P/S. I wrote this way earlier but kept it for no reason. 


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