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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Beauty Issue #10 - 3 Make Up Products for 3 Minutes



I'm a very very lazy person when it comes to making up although I actually love them over the years since I started working. Especially in sales line. I love something that's fast and reliable, something like... Touch-And-Go kinda product.

Therefore, I'm constantly looking for convenient make up products. LOLL.. Can't believe I described my make up as "Convenient Make Up". But I did found a few. With these products, my make up can be done in minutes!

If you're as lazy as me, you'll love these finds of mine too. :)

#1. Play 101 Stick by Etude House
#2. Smoky Extravagant by Make Up For Ever
#3. Play 101 Pencil by Etude House

Etude House has been very convenient to me when they launched the new products - Play 101 Stick Foundation and Pencils. Love them to bits.

#1. Play 101 Stick

The medium coverage suits my requirement, it doesn't cake up my face particularly when I'm working under hot weather. But because of the medium coverage, it tends to fade out after half a day. Which is fine for me as I can reapply it again. Besides, if you reapply this foundation as a concealer too.

The shiny effect on my combination skin is about 20-30% after outdoor activities. Other than that, I'm fine with it. If you ladies prefer something more on the coverage, this is not a good option.

#2. Smoky Extravangant

This is my first time trying out products from Make Up For Ever. And it didn't disappoint me! This specific mascara gave me the volume and lengthening effect as I've always expect out of a mascara. Super easy to apply, it literally separates my eyelashes, volumizes and lengthens my lashes. Did I mention it's waterproof too? #madlove

You know it's pretty scary when you purchased a mascara but then once ou use it, you just hate it cause it doesn't do what a mascara suppose to do and then you just put it deep inside our make up drawer until it expires? Well you don't need to worry about this one. Period.

#3. Play 101 Pencil

This pencil, creation from Etude House as well. Love their pencils edition. Because you can use it both ways! S basically I have FOUR (4) products here - blusher too. It's super convenient and easy to carry! I bought the shade #69 which is peachy colour and I use it occasionally for my cheeks and urgh.. it's very smooth and pretty!

One layer of foundation, mascara and pencil lipstick - no blusher applied

From my selfie, it's pretty obvious I focus more on my eye and cheek area when I apply the Play 101 Stick Foundation. I still have my dark circles and eyebags (duhhh). On normal ocassions, I apply just one layer on my eye area. Enough for me to go through the day! I only apply full face when I'm going for an occasion. ;)

And trust me, it really only take few minutes to get this look done! Or maybe I should do a video soon..?

This is my personal review. Thanks for reading!


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