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Tuesday, November 10, 2015



Happy Deepavali to all who celebrates it! Another public holiday, but basically it's the same for me as I'm working today. Since I have time, why not write something, right?

I've been wanting to Facetime my dad from the day he got his new iphone6 but only until recently, I thought about it. LOL. Funny to Facetime with him cause he basically has no idea how to operate it. But he's getting better. It's just that he always somehow hold it down and I can see his nostrils all the time. Haha!

Finally, I tried Soft Srve. After all the raves and queues, I had mins without any of those mentioned. My verdict is, over expensive for an ice cream! I don't know, it is really very expensive for me. C'mon, it's only half the cup. I was surprised when I saw the portion. Pfft

Last but not least, a miang selfie. LOL! Bye


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