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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A Little of October Sneak Peek.


It's my month already! Celebrated my birthday in a very simple but happy way. But I'll leave that part for next round of write up okay?

A little brief story on what happened recently:-

#1. Gained a lot of weight due to too much dessert. Went for a follow up with my O&G doctor and he advised me to cut off all these desserts, high-calorie food to reduce my bulging tummy! >.< Damn... Dieting is so difficult and mean!

#2. Believe it or not, this is my first time doing gel manicure. It was soooo convenient! I did a normal colour on my toes instead and ended up like a screwed-up-messy colour on my toes due to my clumsiness.

#3. Too much chicken in every meal lately that I think I have a chicken-phobic. Whatever. Wait, I googled, it says alektrophobia. Sounds like afraid of electric more than chicken. LOL.

#4. New journey with my new hair colour! Up to date, the colour is getting more vibrant than when I first got it done! But loving it more and more each day. Such a pretty colour. Heh.

So that's all. Til then, stay hydrated and indoor!

Friends say I'm stupid and I'm out of my mind
But without you, boy, I'd be bored all the time
No, I don't really care for the same conversation
Got everything I need, and I'd rather be chasing
Chasing love, with a monster

I'm in love (I'm in love)
I'm in love (I'm in love)
I'm in love with a monster
I'm in love (I'm in love)
I'm in love (I'm in love)
I'm in love with a monster
I'm in love with a monster
- I'm in Love With A Monster by Fifth Harmony


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