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Monday, August 10, 2015

The Weight of Give and Take


Cheers to Monday. Been thinking about give and take. What's the weight of giving or taking should a person carry.

My dad used to tell me that it's more blessed to give than be given. Of course I never see the sense of it. I've always been amazed how he did it. And even doing it. How can he give so much but been given so little. Or that's how I 'see' it. He explained that he was never after earthly desires. He is after something that lasts even longer than after life. Probably this is how he can be casually generous.

It's pretty hard to measure how much weight can a person give, nor take. Compromise, they say. Some people give most of their lifetime. But then, there are people who takes from others and takes only. So unfair yes. But it's been awhile the world had turned unfair, no? Taking is fun. Taking without terms and condition is even more fun.

Yet, from dad's perspective, giving is fun too. It's true.. But I probably would need loads of meditation to reach his level. Every time I'm giving a little, it feels like people is sucking a huge chunk out. It's pretty tiring. Dad never really gave me a Part II lesson on "Where to replenish the 'giving'" but I think I'll figure that out soon.

Perhaps, I've been taking too much. Complaining about being given too much. Pfft. Taking can be scary too. Scared of not holding it on strong enough that it slips out. 

If everybody wants to take more than they should, pity to those who had to do the other way round.

Just for fun (:

Live in the present, that gift is for the gifted
This what you came, this what you came for
You get what you buy, this what you paid for
So make sure the stars is what you aim for
Make mistakes though

I never worry, life is a journey
I just wanna enjoy the ride
What is the hurry? It's pretty early
It's ok, we'll take our time

-The Night is Still Young by Nicki Minaj


Monday, August 03, 2015

Overdue V's Day


This was meant to be up weeks ago. Better late than never (LOL). Great timing for a catch up, dine good food together and laugh hard together too. Nothing much to say here except thank you for the memories, guys!

Happy belated birthday to you again! :*

P/S Sorry for the poor quality pics!