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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

No-Plan Plan


Last weekend was great! Can't say perfect, but it was good enough for a short getaway. I haven't been travelling out this year. Going back to home town doesn't count of course. So, my friends and I booked our ticket to Langkawi awhile ago. I've never been to any beach trips in West Malaysia hence I think it's a good time to explore Langkawi.

Overall, it was an enjoyable one. It wasn't sunny throughout our stay (such a turn off) otherwise, everything was great. Langkawi isn't a huge place to explore. Would fit those who wants a no-plan kinda plan. 

Random walks, random restaurants to dine in, random conversations, basically everything was random for us. Didn't particularly plan for anything. I feel pretty fun that way. Probably just what we all needed from our working lives. Our days are literally planned - what to do, where do have dinner, who to meet tomorrow. 

I think city people should try out this kind of plan. It's less hectic than a planned trip and it's really fun!

Til then!


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