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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Enough is Never Enough


Today was super exhausting. Woke up at 7am and rushed to office as my customers were waiting. Cut story short, everything was settled and I finally crossed another errand from my check list. Then I realised there are a lot more that I have to learn. Much more unexpected questions, bigger problems to be solved.

What I thought was I would be familiarise with my work after 6 months (Cheh...confident) yet I was wrong. Which I wasn't supposed to be surprised about it. Hah. Like the old saying, "Learning is a life long process".

I get frustrated easily when I couldn't handle a situation/scenario well. Maybe it's just me but I need everything to be done according to plan. Including solving a problem with the best solution. And all these I have to spend a great deal of time thinking, evaluating, figuring out the ultimate solution.

Well, the good side is at least I'm making use of my brain. Or anything that's left inside. I just learnt a lot more this month. I wish I could write more, but too bad my head is spinning from lack of sleep. Boo.

Be back soon. 


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