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Friday, March 20, 2015

Post Laparotomy Days


It's been three week since my surgery, coming four to be exact. I became bored at week three, and started going out for short walks or dinner after that. Now I have no problem going out shopping but still need to stop and rest whenever I can. Heh.

Sounds fun. Well it does, during the day. But at night it's not much better. It's either waking up a few times or not sleeping for few hours. I couldn't shut down at night, mentally while physically awake in the morning. Geez.

Today and yesterday was much better. Managed to sleep much better than before. Woke up at 5am today, but it's  still good. (:

Seriously I don't know how did I managed to get through the nights. With cautious turnings on the bed, waking up to pee, even trying to stand up after laying on the bed for quite a while. Each of my meals had been cut off to half the portion, limited clothes to wear due to the wound site (basically just three) walking like a turtle. Maybe my walks are comparable to a young turtle.

I just wish now that these days will soon disappear and I would resume my usual life again. Not that I'm not grateful I got rid of the pain, but.... I guess I just want more.


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