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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Ovarian Cyst Removal


Some of you might know in detail about what happened to me last week. For some, sorry for keeping you guys worried. I figured this is one of my very unforgettable happenings in my life and I would like all ladies especially to pay attention to this.

As my title stated, I had a cyst, growing inside of me -without knowing it. "Pfft... How could this happen to me, right?" But it did. In fact, it can happen to you, your BFF, anyone, literally. Don't be that surprised.

From Wikipedia, "An ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid, surrounded by a very thin wall, within an ovary." If you guys wants to visualize these words, just refer to the first picture above. THAT'S A CYST

Last month, I was really busy. Seriously. But again, since when I'm free and easy since 2015, right? Last month was a little different. I felt slight pain at my left abdomen (or in general, stomach. LOL..everything is so scientific to me now) right after I ate some desserts. No proper meal due to pre-CNY work. And I thought it was normal and it would go away. I thought. 

Well I thought wrong.

The pain went on and off for the past few weeks before Chinese New Year and I ignored it over and over. During CNY, it was obvious that my tummy was growing. I thought it was funny cause my tummy looked like a watermelon. Haha. Oh, I slept a lot during the holiday season too. Like, hibernating-kinda-a-lot.

"Must be those yummy-juicy food I had day and night."

A day after I was back to work, the pain came back. However, it was severe at night. My plan was to go to the clinic the next day. Good plan.

Midnight struck and the pain was at level 6/10. Shyt. Went to the clinic and the doctor said it was air plus constipation. I doubted for a sec cause I took a glass of fibre days ago to make sure my motions are passed out well. But then, who's the doctor here.

Had a jab of pain killer, went home, took the meds before heading to bed. Tired as hell. Couldn't sleep all night until 4am - first throw up.

6am - second throw up.

Obviously the meds weren't working. Damn. At that point, my pain level increased to 7/10. Still, I waited 'til it was 8am, and texted my boss at work. I couldn't drive and had to wait for my colleagues to pick up me to the hospital.

12pm - Did ultrasound after doctor's consultation and then he said there's a cyst - a HUGE cyst. I didn't listen to him as my pain level was up to 9/10. I requested for pain killers. Like a drug addict. 

Pain killers

Pain killers

Pain killers!

The O&G specialist said surgery had to be done on the same day. The cyst was huge and twisted with my Fallopian tube hence the severe pain. I said yes to everything as long as I have pain killers for 24/7. You guys don't have to imagine how huge is my cyst. It's on my #2 picture above. :)

From the doctor's words before it was removed "It's as huge as a fully formed baby's head". Geez. SI much for thinking it's a watermelon. Hah.

I had laparotomy. Laparotomy are usually performed when cysts are much bigger (any cyst >6cm) than normal size which might be cancerous. Thank God mine was benign. 

It can happen to any ladies. So my advice, go for the ultrasound. At least once a year just to make sure. No harm anyway. Guys, get your ladies for a check up too.

Take care and stay healthy!

I'm on the way to full recovery! Still walking like a turtle but...almost there! ;)


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