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Monday, March 09, 2015

Beauty Issue #8 - Po Bling Pore Sonic Cleanser


When my "small boss" went to taiwan, I told her I wanted this - Po Bling Pore Sonic Cleanser. I have been wanting to get one of my own but I'm so not familiar with taiwan products. And she does. I think I'm more familiar with Western products.

I've been using it for 2 weeks, I guess and it does has it's pros and cons, similar to those I've read online.

What I love about it is it cleans my white heads. Those you can feel on your nose using your fingers. I used to scratch them off a lot when I have the chance to. But it was always there. This cleanser actually acts as a scrub to my face. So I barely use scrub cleanser nowadays. Combining both will actually make my skin really dry.

After a few experiment, I personally think it's best for me to use this cleanser only twice per week (mostly Tuesday & Friday) to avoid my skin turning dry.

Also, it's using normal batteries but then really waterproof at the same time. So, no worries about damaging the batteries here.

What I dislike about it is the brushes. It's okay for now as it's still new. But after some time, before changing the head, I would always imagine all the bacteria living inside and underneath the brush.


Other than that, everything seems fine for me. I wouldn't have high hope on removing my blackheads with this cleanser because I can clearly see and clarify that IT DOESN'T WORK on black heads. I have plenty of black heads and I know if a product works on them. And this Po Bling Pore Sonic Cleanser is not in my black-head-free list.

Yet for the price and it's function, I think I'll keep it until it's useless to me. :)


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