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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chinese Goat Year 2015

Not so red #ootd


Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! I bet everyone is enjoying every bit of this season because Chinese New Year basically is a lot about FOOD and ANG PAUs! Haha!

Currently writing this from my hometown - Sabah. I think most people would confuse Sabah and Sarawak but it's okay, I'm used to it anyway. But yea I'm from Sabah, staying in Kota Kinabalu but currently just coming back for a week to have a relaxing holiday!

#1. This year on it will be different as I have an addition to the Tang family. Heh. And my baby cousin is very much excited about her too. 

#2. My bro, insisted to have a picture with my grandma, who was busy with her mahjong everyday!

#3. My cousins were busy trying to get their wishes to be thrown up to the tree. I think I quietly just hung it myself. XD

#4. Lion dance invited by my aunt. One of my cousin is quite active in the lion dance society. It's not a bad thing to continue the tradition. :)

#5. Fire works of course. It's literally a must for chinese to have fire works. It's kinda banned in Malaysia for the past years but you'll still see fire works here and there during festive seasons.

Here are some of the nicer pics of my CNY. Hope you guys are having fun as much as I do!


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