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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Celebrity Night by Auto Bavaria Staff Day 2015

Photo credit to Arif of Motorrad
Photo credit to Arif of Motorrad


It's a little early for a party in 2015 but whatever. It was a fun weekend for all of us who joined. We were placed in our respective private chalet in Grand Lexis Port Dickson. One of the places that I've been wanting to try out. Heh.

We had team building afternoon and it was pretty much crazy too. The weather was extremely hot and the games made us competitive. >.< Then we checked in and the first thing I did was diving in the pool. Haha! Good thing the water was clean and clear. 

After resting quite a bit, we started dressing up and putting on our make ups. And as I've already posted in Facebook, I went as Maleficient. The headband was really something. I couldn't move around much cause it was tall and unstable even with a few pins around my head.

A lot of us did dress up so Cheers to the effort yo! Lots of funny characters in a room!

There were Beauty Pageant by some beasts too. Very very very entertaining. The 'girls' were sexy too. LOL!

Followed by the award ceremony to those who contributed a lot to Auto Bavaria, and some funny awards (which I got The Cry Baby award -_________-). Also thank you for the award for Female's Best Dress, I got a new G shock added to my collection! <3>

Last but not least, after I took of my so-very-heavy-and-huge headband, PAAAAAAAAAAAAARTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! And we started to mix and match all the props! XD

Great event to end my busy bee January! Really a de-stress weekend! Thank you Auto Bavaria!


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