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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Trip of The Year, Los Angeles


I thank God for this trip. Oops.. Maybe I should thank my mum. She was the one who got me this fully paid expenses trip to California. Haha! Love you, mom. I think my mum doesn't know what Blogging is. Hm.

Anyway, I wasn't really in the mood for a fun-happy-enjoyable trip. This was more of a.. mind clearing trip. A meditation perhaps.

But then let me lay out the simple itinerary of my trip for you. It started off by transiting via Hong Kong to Los Angeles. Then we took a bus to Long Beach to board our ship - Carinal Inspiration cruise. Our destination was to Catalina Island and Ensanada, Mexico.


I was loving the view when it was time to head back to the cruise. So sad that I couldn't spend more time looking at the beautiful scenery. :(

Ensenada to me is just another small city with a large community of poverty. No surprise here. But it's a good thing I got to see a lot of less fortunate kids around. I feel grateful for what everything that I have and don't have more now.

Been to Hollywood Walk of Fame, passed by Beverly Hills area and visited an outlet for major shopping too. Haha!

Just to share where I've been lately. :)

Oh.. And I travelled along with my fav Snoopy COACH bag and UNION JACK luggage too. ;)


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