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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Significant 2014

2014 has been a very significant year for me, personally. I think I would remember this year much more than any other years that I had.

It started off pretty well. Nothing much I can complain about except for the usual – high living expenses. Haha! Joking.

But then things started to change, without a warning. Like a tsunami, things happen to my family, friends and me. Bad things. Things are barely inevitable. And when bad things happen, people get upset, mad, confused, sad.

The wonder of someone that you used to be so close with, suddenly vanished from your life. How could that possibly happen? Well, if men could believe in outer space life, isn’t this easier to believe? I guess it’s not that we don’t believe it would happen, but rather we choose not to.

Of course no one ever like bad things to happen to us, or to people that we care dearly. Ever. Whoever do must be an alien freak. So, all we can do it just to accept what life is hitting us with. It might be difficult.


But this is part of life. We all learn from the sorrows, heartaches, unhappiness, and regrets. That’s when people get stronger. Both emotionally and mentally. The heart will be full of scars. And these scars will make us wiser.


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