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Saturday, September 06, 2014

Valiram Greatest Hits Sale - Victoria's Secret Haul

Photo Credit to Valiram Group Malaysia


I believe there are tons of Victoria's Secret's fans out there who knows about this sale! I heard it over the radio and googled the details. It was organized by Valiram Group, called the Greatest Hits Sale! So on thursday after work, I went to The Westin Hotel with a friend of mine (both soon-to-be-VS-shopaholics LOL)

I have been wanting Victoria's Secret's Bombshell perfume ever since I finished my mini bottle (a gift from a friend) but the stores were selling only the normal size bottles. Yet I got one Bombshell set in normal size which comes with a handy pouch since it's on sale. Super cute and simple! But I think I'm going to give that pouch to someone. I've too much pouches sitting on my cupboard.

Then, I was hoping to get a travel set because it's very very cute and convenient to bring around in my handbag. I was so excited when I found one here! It's in the Jet Setter Travel Kit. The exact mini bottle of Bombshell perfume! Madly in love! It comes along with a Sleeping Eye Mask, Lip balm, Brightening Gel Cream and a Hand Treatment. Happy!

My friend and I wasn't really satisfied with the few things we had in hand so we macro-shopped another round! LOL WTM! I got a set of Victoria's Secret's Love Spell with Body Mist, Lotion and Body Wash. I got this because of the purple pouch. Meh.. Might be giving it out as a gift or maybe use it on my own. Hahah!

Last but not least, who will walk away without any Victoria's Secret's underwear!? Too bad there wasn't any bras for sale but underwear will be fine! It was 5 for RM79 so, eyes closed and just grab!

The staffs were helpful and friendly. Nothing much to complain about the sale. The crowd was pretty heavy and everybody was hands full. There were other brands e.g. Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade etc but the products wasn't attractive to me. I'm super glad with my purchases! Anyone else went there?



Rin said...

Oh wow! That underwear deal seems really great, 5 for RM79 for VS? I'd be tempted to get two sets. haha.

Really glad you managed to get the Bombshell perfume you wanted! I think it's much more convenient to have a small bottle with things like perfume and handcream. ^^

xoxo Rin
Fuurin Diary

michellesnoopy said...

@Rin - Yea I was tempted too but I just got a new set of undies from Hush Puppies a week before that :( And I love small little bottles/packages! Hehe!