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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Short Stay at Dreamz Bakery, Kota Damansara


I was and is going to fully utilise my last two weeks before I was back to becoming a working ant again. By then, I'm not sure I actually will have the energy for writing. :( For now, let's enjoy the moment. A friend is working in Kota Damansara and after lunch with her, we had nowhere to go. She suggested this place - Dreamz Bakery.

Upon arrival, we eyed on everything little thing in their store. Full with handmade art works, childhood gums and cookies, cute little decorations all over the bakery store. So fun to look at. :D I only ordered Dark Secret cake to try out and I love it. Fresh, great taste and texture. It's just really rare to get fresh cake these days though there are a lot of cafes around. Maybe it's because they are a bakery store (duuuh).


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