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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Beauty Issue #7 - Miss Hana Lip Balm Crayon by Natta Cosme


I'm into lip beauty products lately as it's very convenient for a lazy person to put on make ups. Just a lip balm will do the magic! This time round, Natta Cosme sent me two samples of Miss Hana Natural-Born Lip Balm Crayon to try on! When I opened the box, I looked at the lip balms and thought "It really do look like crayons!" LOL WTM. Natta Cosme even sent a small pack of Faber-Castell crayons to write a message on a postcard (which I'll be sending it back to them). Cutie!

So these are the two lip balm crayons - Moulin Rouge Diva and Purple Sakura Season. The first one is more towards coral colour while the latter is a pinkish colour. Very girly and attractive packaging. You can even buy it as a gift for your closed ones.

My verdict is these lip balms are very moisturising to the lips. I purposely applied it on my cracked lips when I tried the Moulin Rouge Diva and I found my lips looked better after a while. I've always love coral-ish lipsticks/balms and thanks to Natta Cosme for sending me such gorgeous colours! Not really a pink fan but I kinda love this Purple Sakura Season on my lips. Heh. Looks soft and I had been using this colour whenever my outfits are towards soft and girly type too. Oh! And they smell really good too! Such a pleasant smell to put on my lips when I don't have any mint with me!

One thing I would advise girls is if you're going to a beach or somewhere windy, this won't be suitable as the balm might be kissing your hair too much due to the moisturising feature. Indoors, date night in a fancy restaurant or hangouts at cafes will be fine. Who likes being seen "eating" hair, right?

Photo credit to Natta Cosme

So, if you girls are going to purchase these cutie lipbalms, don't forget to include the coupon code MHSHARP to get a free sharpener! Promotion ends on 15/10/2014! Grab yours today! Happy shopping girls! Visit their store with the links provided below!

Website Natta Cosme

Million thanks to Natta Cosme for the samples again! *hugs and kisses*



Rin said...

You look absolutely fab with the lip colours!
Thanks for the great review, I was previously skeptical of the lip crayons as my lips are very susceptible to drying out but when you said you applied them on cracked lips... and they were moisturised... I might just give these a try. haha ^^
Thanks so much once again! ^^

xoxo Rin
Fuurin Diary

michellesnoopy said...

@Rin - thanks! remember, not to windy occasions! XD