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Monday, September 08, 2014

August Splurge and Love


This is kinda late since it's already the second week of September but not too late, right? LOL! Last month's splurge and love was so awesome because it's literally SNOOPY-themed! It was like all of the sudden the stores are selling loads of snoopy-collaborated clothings and stuffs! So I'll start with August Loves!

Vans Vault x Peanuts Snoopy shoes - The last time I got a pair of Snoopy shoes/sneakers was around 5 years back..? I was walking around one of the malls in Melaka (can't remember the name LOL) and I saw this pair of white with pink snoopy shoes. I didn't hesitate to buy right after they got me my size. It's not easy to look for Snoopy shoes and I'm so happy when I saw Vans is collaborating with Peanuts! However, it only comes in white for adults. If you stumble upon their store or Instagram, kid's version are much cuter! Oh well.. I'm still satisfied with mine. Heh!

Peanuts Fall/Winter Dress  - Anyone who loves to shop in Zara would have noticed this! Another surprised I got when I was walking around the women's section and saw this dress! Luckily they have my size too! It's under Zara Trafaluc Fall/Winter T Shirts Collection. Only in dark blue and in good quality.

For my splurge, I got a Peanuts Snoopy Sweater from the same collection as my Snoopy dress. Hahahaha! Mr.A said he'll sponsor me the dress so I got the sweater on my own. XD Great deal there! I've only worn the shoes to work. I might be doing some ootd for the sweater and dress soon! If I am not lazy!


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