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Monday, August 25, 2014

Say Never Ever to Elstees, SS15


Have you ever, EVER tried a drink or any food and the taste just makes you feel "yuck" that you just have to spit it out?! Yeap! That kinda feeling. We were supposed to dine at Meltz@SS15 but it was closed. an't remember which day was it. So I passed by this cafe. Looked pretty decent with minimal deco, with reasonable price. And I suggested to try out this one. Hmph.

We both ordered Hot Chocolate for our drinks and I ordered Mix Chop (lamb, chicken and 3 prawns). So sad but true, this is the worst Hot Chocolate that I've ever had. Ever. And ever. It tasted like WATER COLOUR PAINT! Not that I've tried water colour paint before but you just can smell it pretty well! :/ I literally was so disappointed with it! So disgusting that I just left it there and insisted my friend to do the same! (LOL by telling her she'll die of drinking that water colour liquid)

The food was so so, nothing much to talk about. I was already shocked with their so called Hot Chocolate. So much 'so' in this post. Just eww. Sorry Elstees, but you gotta improve a hell lot more than what you are doing now. You got a great location and deco. Don't mess up with F&B!

Oh.. We went to calm our tummy down with some desserts in Brewyard after that. Mood back to