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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Resting at Sitka, Damansara Heights

say hi again to my sick face :D


Started to get out from my bed since Thursday and it feels so good to come out to this er, not-so-fresh-air. Oh I miss Sabah's air! :( But yea, my immune system is back to normal but still kinda careful with my food intake. Heh.

Went to this cafe in Damansara Heights after round and round KL area for a parking to try out LOKL, lost our way to Hartamas' Brewmen. LOL! Ended up in Sitka. Never heard of it. I'm glad I did. Tried their hot chocolate and their cakes. Pretty good in taste, a little too sweet, however. For sweet tooth, you guys would find it just fine. I'm not very sure about their consistency yet I'll be back to confirm this. ;)

Have a happy weekend!

P/S Slightly off track - I've decided to allow my comment column again (with fear) so that I can know what you guys (who reads) think. Bye!



Rin said...

You look really sweet in the picture for someone who's feeling ill! ^^

Hope you're feeling better!

michellesnoopy said...

@Rin - hehee thanks! face was pale to me tho.. but i'm much better now :D