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Monday, August 04, 2014

New Month, New Hair Colour with a Huge But.


I'm back! I can smell that August is so fresh and will be so much fun. Yes, no? Anyway first thing I did in August was to re-dye my hair. I always wanted purple (my fav colour) and this time, I tell myself to go for it! Instead of having few strands like I did for the past few months.

I didn't get to have it the first time cause the hairstylist insist it wouldn't show on my ends. So I went for pink. Then the second time, I wanted to try green but the hairstylist didn't have the shade that I wanted. So I went for pink (yes, again). Geez. Why is it so difficult for my hair to be purple?!

Hence, I insisted to go for purple, something that would look like picture #1. Few tones of purple. Not too bright, not too dark. Just right. And you can see from picture #2 and #3, those were the 'before' pictures. 


Long story cute short.
The result was very much disappointing.
My hair was coloured twice that day.
Mood was totally demolished.
The purple that you notice were vibrant as those are the strands that I bleached previously (in pink)

Now, *fingers cross* for next week I'll be back for another try after the hairstylist requested for my comeback. And I do notice my face look terribly yellow. :/

But then, happy august, people!