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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dip n Dip, eCurve


This is by far, the sweetest dessert place I've ever been in Malaysia (or at least Klang Valley area). Who doesn't know Dip n Dip? I first stepped in this place but Bangsar branch months ago. It wasn't crowded that day and I tried one of their dessert. 

Oh my god. Super sweet. Maximum endorphins released. Oh my god.

This was the second time and in eCurve branch.

Oh my god. Super duper sweet too. Yet super happy. It's not a place that I would visit constantly but occasionally, I guess. Especially when someone is really really down and moody, this will be the prefect dessert place. 

HOWEVER, this wasn't the point of writing this. My point was, I ordered Iced Lemon Tea (something sour-sih) with less ice. It was still too sweet for me so I requested for the waitress to add some water. I didn't want them to add ice cause I'll be coughing half dead in the middle of the night. But she came back with my glass full of ice. I told her I didn't want ice and she said..


What the hell do you mean by no water?! You made these drinks of mine and my friends' with water, isn't it?! Sometimes I really have no clue what service am I paying for. Pfft. *mood turned back to sour* I bet you guys received bad service before, right?


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