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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Issue #5 - Underage Red Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D


I've always been wanting a matte lipstick because I'm so in love with how it looks on other people's lips. So since a friend of mine is in USA earlier, I asked her a favor to get me one. I was expecting something from Guerlain or NYX or MAC or something more known (for me) since I couldn't get one from Sephora. MAC was my last resort which I haven't been. She came back with this lipstick brand from Italy. I googled and Kat Von D was a well known tattoo artist in America. Apparently this brand is not available in Malaysia (yet). Hopefully will be soon cause I love it!

[SWATCHES] The texture at first was liquid and then it finished off on my lips with matte effect. Very pretty, very vibrant and long lasting. Even after I removed it with lip remover, it still stains. *thumbs up* I am so excited to purchase other colours soon in November!

For now, let the pictures roll. ;)

Mad love with the redness! But I would advice ladies to go with a lip pencil cause for beginners like me, it took me quite some time to blend the colour according to the shape of my lips. I would put this on if I'm too lazy to put on my eye liner. Hah! But it does look great with minimal eye liner too, no? Another wish list crossed! Wee!

So, how red would your lips go?


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