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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Issue #6 - Removing Dark Blackheads with O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Oxidized once I opened the cap


When Stephenie from Natta Cosmo called and asked if I would like to review on this product, I was a little sceptical about it. I'll tell you why.

Besides my oil seeds issue which I kinda sort it out HERE, I have huge issues with my blackheads. I have it since I was 13 years old. Can you imagine? Hah. My history goes back when I innocently saw the Biore Pore Pack advertisement on tv and I followed exactly how they said I should. Exactly. And that was the problem. THEY DIDN'T SAY I HAD TO APPLY PORE REFINING TONER AFTER THAT!!! And so, I was a little disappointed when my blackheads grew darker, larger and my nose was getting dirtier. Yuck.

My confidence was low throughout high school years as I didn't really cared about those blackheads plus white heads. The worst thing I remembered a schoolmate actually said,

"You look like you grow moustache on your nose."

Yeap. I'll remember him til he dies. Until now, that I'm already a working adult, meeting people with my face (can't leave my nose at home, can I?) then I realize that it's time for me to solve this major problem. Like, major problem. So below are the pictures before I used this product from Natta Cosme.

[BEFORE] O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Scary isn't it? I don't really like to explain much in words so pictures will do the explanation. I can't lie, I still use the old school method - Blackhead Extractor Tool. I don't know, maybe I feel good torturing my nose since my nose had been torturing me all these years. LOL. Is that even make sense. WTM. Then, I used Biore Pore Pack White and Blackheads Remover too. Yes, I still believe in this product though I condemn the misunderstanding years ago. Along with my Chin Blackhead Remover too. Great combo.
See how dirty my pores are?

And then O.S.T Serum started. I tried applying both ways:-

1. Only t-zone area,
2. Whole face.

I prefer the first way because my t zone areas are more oily than the rest of my face whereas applying it on my whole face kinda dries up my cheeks a little bit. So if you have combination skin, I would advice you to do the same.

[AFTERO.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Much cleaner? Heh. I can't say it was 100% due to the O.S.T Serum alone but it did help and I'm happy with the results. And for sure I didn't expect my nose to be perfectly clean but at least my pores shinked slightly. It might take some time because of the natural ingredients and I'm fine with it. Too much chemicals will damage my skin in time. Besides, these tiny monsters have been with me for more than 10 years. So why the rush?

Have you tried this? What's your verdict?



Kian Fai Koh said...

the wonder of the blackheads . . . :x

Rin said...

Thanks for the review, Michelle! Don't worry too much about your blackheads, I learnt from experience that as long as our imperfections are not visible from 4 feet away, it's all ok! haha

Though that guy from high school, RUDE.

I'm glad you're happy with the results, maybe I'll give the product a look because of this review. =)

xoxo Fuurin Diary

michellesnoopy said...

@Kian Fai - blackheads are mean and evil!

@Rin - LOL! thanks! still a long way to go to remove all of it

Anonymous said...

Did it further remove your blackheads after using for longer time? Now is it cleaner than the after (bottom photos) you posted?

How long did you use the vitamin serum already when you took the nose after photos?

Can you share is it that you apply the vitamin serum on your nose everyday, then when you use the nose pore pack, more blackheads is sticked to the porepack? Thanks a lot.

michellesnoopy said...


I no longer use this product as I'm trying out another brand at the moment. But my pores are cleaner now since I've been trying out diff products now since this serum.

I used it for one month (daily) to get the results. What I do is, I apply the serum daily but I'll use the pore pack once/twice a week and then apply this serum after the nose pore. The reason is, you want to remove the dirt from your pores so that when the serum goes into the pores, it will sink in better and shrink the pores.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply.

Is the vitamin C serum main purpose to shrink pores?

Not really sure how vitamin C serum works, I see people saying it makes skin looks better.

What other products did you try that made your pores cleaner now? Is it better than O.S.T Vitamin C20?


michellesnoopy said...


Yes it is to shrink and brighten up skin too as Vitamin C contains ascorbic acid as it's main ingredient. It stings quite a bit but it's because it works on my skin.

I'm currently using CNP Laboratory and it's pretty good too. Do you use any pore refining products yourself?

Anonymous said...

I don't use any pore refining products, never thought of it. I was more focused on clearing blackheads products.

I was also thinking if all those pore refining products, if after stop using it does the pore become bigger again (just like before using the product)?