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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Skincare #1 - Sebamed Facial Cleanser


Since July, I've been separating my day and night facial products. The reason being that I would like to reduce my blackheads, pores as well as to retain the hydration on my face. These are my main concern when it comes to shopping for me facial products - BLACKHEADS, PORES and HYDRATION.

Went to Watsons, wondering round and round for god-knows-how-many-times and at some point I imagine the sales person are suspecting I'm going to steal something from the drug store. LOL. Then I saw this name, Sebamed. I've seen this before, I thought but it never came across to me to actually look at it thoroughly. So that day, I picked the mini kits of 3 - Cleanser, Toner and Care gel. I love trying out mini kits. Just in case I dislike them or it doesn't suit my face and I'm gonna leave it on the shelf for like..forever.

So far so good, it doesn't irritate my skin or give the tightness feeling after cleansing. Though I haven't really seen very much improvement on my blackheads but I think it'll take some time. Yet, I do have a few breakouts (1 or 2) but no big deal. It could be hormones. Perhaps I can tell more when I'm finished the mini kit.


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