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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beauty Issue #6 - Removing Dark Blackheads with O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Oxidized once I opened the cap


When Stephenie from Natta Cosmo called and asked if I would like to review on this product, I was a little sceptical about it. I'll tell you why.

Besides my oil seeds issue which I kinda sort it out HERE, I have huge issues with my blackheads. I have it since I was 13 years old. Can you imagine? Hah. My history goes back when I innocently saw the Biore Pore Pack advertisement on tv and I followed exactly how they said I should. Exactly. And that was the problem. THEY DIDN'T SAY I HAD TO APPLY PORE REFINING TONER AFTER THAT!!! And so, I was a little disappointed when my blackheads grew darker, larger and my nose was getting dirtier. Yuck.

My confidence was low throughout high school years as I didn't really cared about those blackheads plus white heads. The worst thing I remembered a schoolmate actually said,

"You look like you grow moustache on your nose."

Yeap. I'll remember him til he dies. Until now, that I'm already a working adult, meeting people with my face (can't leave my nose at home, can I?) then I realize that it's time for me to solve this major problem. Like, major problem. So below are the pictures before I used this product from Natta Cosme.

[BEFORE] O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Scary isn't it? I don't really like to explain much in words so pictures will do the explanation. I can't lie, I still use the old school method - Blackhead Extractor Tool. I don't know, maybe I feel good torturing my nose since my nose had been torturing me all these years. LOL. Is that even make sense. WTM. Then, I used Biore Pore Pack White and Blackheads Remover too. Yes, I still believe in this product though I condemn the misunderstanding years ago. Along with my Chin Blackhead Remover too. Great combo.
See how dirty my pores are?

And then O.S.T Serum started. I tried applying both ways:-

1. Only t-zone area,
2. Whole face.

I prefer the first way because my t zone areas are more oily than the rest of my face whereas applying it on my whole face kinda dries up my cheeks a little bit. So if you have combination skin, I would advice you to do the same.

[AFTERO.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

Much cleaner? Heh. I can't say it was 100% due to the O.S.T Serum alone but it did help and I'm happy with the results. And for sure I didn't expect my nose to be perfectly clean but at least my pores shinked slightly. It might take some time because of the natural ingredients and I'm fine with it. Too much chemicals will damage my skin in time. Besides, these tiny monsters have been with me for more than 10 years. So why the rush?

Have you tried this? What's your verdict?


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beauty Issue #5 - Underage Red Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D


I've always been wanting a matte lipstick because I'm so in love with how it looks on other people's lips. So since a friend of mine is in USA earlier, I asked her a favor to get me one. I was expecting something from Guerlain or NYX or MAC or something more known (for me) since I couldn't get one from Sephora. MAC was my last resort which I haven't been. She came back with this lipstick brand from Italy. I googled and Kat Von D was a well known tattoo artist in America. Apparently this brand is not available in Malaysia (yet). Hopefully will be soon cause I love it!

[SWATCHES] The texture at first was liquid and then it finished off on my lips with matte effect. Very pretty, very vibrant and long lasting. Even after I removed it with lip remover, it still stains. *thumbs up* I am so excited to purchase other colours soon in November!

For now, let the pictures roll. ;)

Mad love with the redness! But I would advice ladies to go with a lip pencil cause for beginners like me, it took me quite some time to blend the colour according to the shape of my lips. I would put this on if I'm too lazy to put on my eye liner. Hah! But it does look great with minimal eye liner too, no? Another wish list crossed! Wee!

So, how red would your lips go?


Monday, August 25, 2014

Say Never Ever to Elstees, SS15


Have you ever, EVER tried a drink or any food and the taste just makes you feel "yuck" that you just have to spit it out?! Yeap! That kinda feeling. We were supposed to dine at Meltz@SS15 but it was closed. an't remember which day was it. So I passed by this cafe. Looked pretty decent with minimal deco, with reasonable price. And I suggested to try out this one. Hmph.

We both ordered Hot Chocolate for our drinks and I ordered Mix Chop (lamb, chicken and 3 prawns). So sad but true, this is the worst Hot Chocolate that I've ever had. Ever. And ever. It tasted like WATER COLOUR PAINT! Not that I've tried water colour paint before but you just can smell it pretty well! :/ I literally was so disappointed with it! So disgusting that I just left it there and insisted my friend to do the same! (LOL by telling her she'll die of drinking that water colour liquid)

The food was so so, nothing much to talk about. I was already shocked with their so called Hot Chocolate. So much 'so' in this post. Just eww. Sorry Elstees, but you gotta improve a hell lot more than what you are doing now. You got a great location and deco. Don't mess up with F&B!

Oh.. We went to calm our tummy down with some desserts in Brewyard after that. Mood back to


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Resting at Sitka, Damansara Heights

say hi again to my sick face :D


Started to get out from my bed since Thursday and it feels so good to come out to this er, not-so-fresh-air. Oh I miss Sabah's air! :( But yea, my immune system is back to normal but still kinda careful with my food intake. Heh.

Went to this cafe in Damansara Heights after round and round KL area for a parking to try out LOKL, lost our way to Hartamas' Brewmen. LOL! Ended up in Sitka. Never heard of it. I'm glad I did. Tried their hot chocolate and their cakes. Pretty good in taste, a little too sweet, however. For sweet tooth, you guys would find it just fine. I'm not very sure about their consistency yet I'll be back to confirm this. ;)

Have a happy weekend!

P/S Slightly off track - I've decided to allow my comment column again (with fear) so that I can know what you guys (who reads) think. Bye!


Friday, August 22, 2014

Red Lips For a Long Night


Went out for a night out last Saturday and ended up pretty bad and had to rest in my car before driving home. But thanks to Vanessa who took care of me. *smoooches*. Providence was rather a place for those rich gang to drink up and get wasted with unlimited MOETs and whiskeys. Then I realised I am a person that would rather have a few more cups of coffee til the sun shines than to have another glass of champagne to toast.

Basically Vanessa and I didn't know almost everyone in the room (since she was invited and I was invited by her LOL) hence I have here, only pictures of me, myself and Vanessa.

Til then!

P/S Will write something about my red lips soon! ;)


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Day After the Hair Makeover.


So this was the first hair makeover after months keeping my fulgy hair. My first post about it was HERE and these pictures were taken the morning after the hair dye. The sunlight reflected the colours and it wasn't that bad but still, it wasn't the colour that I asked for.

Messy hair, I know. I was trying to flip all the possible angle to show all the hidden colours. LOL. But as all hair lovers and hair stylists know, this kinda colour fades pretty quick. So I'll be updating my (chameleon) hair quite frequent. Haha!


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Marks And Spencer, with Memories.

Someone who works part time in my ex company got me these biscuits from Marks&Spencer. It kinda brought back my memories when I was studying in UK. My friends and I (3 of us, as always) would go to M&S for quite some time and shop for some groceries. One thing we wouldn't leave M&S is their biscuits. It has far more varieties than what I see here in Malaysia branch and much more cheaper too. Hahaa!

My favourite ones would be those digestive biscuits and also their Reduced Fat Rich Tea biscuits! I swear I can eat one pack whole day! XD WTM.. I remembered we had so much fun exploring M&S store, as they are constantly arranging their racks with new stuffs!

So yeah, I miss those days, shopping with no worries except which sauce and which offer to grab.

Still sick but better now!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Groufie Photos


Was down with fever and flu (2nd day) hence, staying home since noon. Nothing much about this post, just to post some of my 'groufie' or selfie that I haven't posted. So annoying to be sick. So much work undone, people to meet, coffee to drink. Hahahaa..

Will be back soon! Stay healthy and safe!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dip n Dip, eCurve


This is by far, the sweetest dessert place I've ever been in Malaysia (or at least Klang Valley area). Who doesn't know Dip n Dip? I first stepped in this place but Bangsar branch months ago. It wasn't crowded that day and I tried one of their dessert. 

Oh my god. Super sweet. Maximum endorphins released. Oh my god.

This was the second time and in eCurve branch.

Oh my god. Super duper sweet too. Yet super happy. It's not a place that I would visit constantly but occasionally, I guess. Especially when someone is really really down and moody, this will be the prefect dessert place. 

HOWEVER, this wasn't the point of writing this. My point was, I ordered Iced Lemon Tea (something sour-sih) with less ice. It was still too sweet for me so I requested for the waitress to add some water. I didn't want them to add ice cause I'll be coughing half dead in the middle of the night. But she came back with my glass full of ice. I told her I didn't want ice and she said..


What the hell do you mean by no water?! You made these drinks of mine and my friends' with water, isn't it?! Sometimes I really have no clue what service am I paying for. Pfft. *mood turned back to sour* I bet you guys received bad service before, right?


Monday, August 11, 2014

Garage 51 by Coffee Societe, Bandar Sunway


This is the time where my "Cafe List" being crossed out. *hooray*. Tried Garage 51 by Coffee Societe in Bandar Sunway. Nearby Sunway college/ Sunway Medical Centre. It was really pack that night, Friday night I think. Switched places from top floor to ground floor and  we got to sit at this long table, which is fine.

The food was not very yummy. Oh I ordered Grilled Chicken with Gratin Mushroom Mozarella and Wedges and my friend ordered Grilled Salmon with French Bean, Golden Egg, Idaho Potato and Backed Hollandaise. Bombastic name but taste and texture wise could improve better. But I love their drinks. I had Caramel Hot Chocolate while I couldn't remember what my friend ordered. We were both happy with the drinks they served. Too bad the air cond was too cold that our hot drinks were cooled down pretty quick.

For dessert, we ordered Creme Brulee and Carrot Cake. Same as the main course, could improve more. Nothing to shout out about. I definitely would go back for their drinks and would like to try out their other desserts. The others might taste better? *positive mind*

Good luck Garage 51!