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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

When You Are Distant.


Friends. They are always torn between something - work, relationships, anything else that fits. But they will be the one that entertain you the most (sometimes the other way round), have fun, stress free and everything that rhymes with HAPPY.

It's so much different from being a uni student and working adults.  You tend to spend less and lesser time with the crowd of friends. And eventually the crowd becomes a smaller group of friends that stays with you. I guess that's what they say about true friendship. :) I try my best to meet up with them whenever I have time. To have great time, sipping coffee and.......taking #selfies. LOL kidding. Selfies aren't invented back when I met these bunch of brats. Haha! But yeah... I always enjoy my time with them, regardless where we spent our time together. 

I also try to occupy my weekends meeting friends. You know, to catch up. I recently have the thought that if I spend too much time alone, sleeping off at home, it'll be such a waste. I mean, I WILL be sleeping forever someday, right? Why don't use up all the time I have now to keep more happy moments? Even my brain's memory is fully packed. WTM..

I do feel bad if I didn't meet them for awhile. Start to miss the silly jokes and chats. Can't move them far from me. I tied a red string on them to me. They are mine! Forever! Hahahaa.. (sounds pretty sick)

So, happy week ahead and may the best comes for the second half of the year! I love the second half! Too much holidays for me to bare! Can't breathe! LOL!

Be happy!