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Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's For Breakfast and Dinner?


Last Tuesday was a public holiday. So I woke up early morning. Around 2pm LOL. And end up in Kaffa Espresson Bar again. Just because of my fav Cafe Freddo!  The Big Breakfast was not worth it so I wouldn't recommend that. Along with their pasta too. Just NO.

Well truth be told, I haven't have anything nice to put up in my post lately. Seeing lots of blogs with pretty images is soooo inspiring but mine is just shyt. -_____________-

But anyway, last tuesday was a great day and night for me. Had dinner at Andes in Aman Suria but it wasn't that great anymore. It just doesn't satisfies my tummy as they used to. Oh, they renovated too! I guess everything changed with it.

P/S RIP to MH17.