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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, a Day to Chill



I was supposed to write up something about my nails but I don't know why I was so happy today that I just want to make my Sunday, a Sunday. So I'm currently sitting with my friends in a cafe, writing this. Heh... Very chilly. And fun. :)

#1. Not-so-matching - Basically this is my nails for today. And I picked the closest tee I can find from my 'closet'. Lol. But the colours are very eye catchy. Maybe both reds does not match that much but, it'll be just for a day.

#2 Mini towel - Pressie from my friend. Heh! So cute! 

#3 Cafe Freddo - My fav drink in this cafe. Just love every sip of it. Yumss! Cosy and quiet. Not every cafe can have this environment. Or maybe it's not the time for people to come out (yet).

#4 Lamb Shoulder - First try on their food here. I was too hungry to pick anything as everything seems extra tempting! But of course lamb will always be my first choice. Not that bad.. I wouldn't like my mashed potato done that way but perhaps this is their way of doing it. :)

FIFA World Cup finals upcoming soon! Very excited!