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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Beauty Issue #4: Stretch Mark Reducer - Egyption Magic Cream


I believe almost every girl/ lady will experience having stretch marks on their body. Be it tummy, butts, thighs, sometimes near the upper arm. Most people think it happens only when girls/wives get pregnant - due to the gradual stretching of the baby in the stomach. But not really, cause I have it too. And NO, it wasn't because I was pregnant.

My (girl)friends have it too. For us, it's because of the putting on/ putting off weight especially during puberty. What it does to our body is it stretches and loosens and so appears the stretch marks on parts of our body. Well it really does make sense to me as I didn't really took care of my diet back then. Nor did my parents. I put on weight pretty quick during high school. In fact, I think I was at my heaviest back then.

So, that's another reason for me to not wear bikinis or anything that reveals my lower limb. (except for shorts..which actually covers my flaws all right) But earlier in June, NATTA COSME sent me this so-called Egyptian Magic Cream that claims to be the "most powerful moisturising and healing" cream.

I googled online and watched a couple of YouTube videos and I think it was legit. Until I tried it one day, I'm happy to pronounce...


Hahaha.. With the natural ingredients - Honey, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Propolis, I'm confident with this cream only after I tested it. Especially Propolis. I have been using Propolis (edible kind) to treat my sore throats and it works super fast and amazing. Talk about it next time.

I hated the stretch marks on my thighs.

And on my butts too. :/

I didn't really bother to reduce it cause I wasn't confident on wasting my moolah on products I don't trust. #trustissuenotonlytowardsrelationships. Look at the pictures below and I'll continue with my story..

I'm always sceptical with products that says NATURAL INGREDIENTS. And I always let the infamous creature to decide if it really is - ANTS. Yeap, you sure read me right. When I first used it, I closed the lid and put it on my table for my convenience. And then I came back home to see ants swarming around my magic cream. What. They think they're going to get a bit of taste on my MAGIC CREAM?! It's mine!!! MINE!!!!! Hell no I'm not going to share with you little tiny guys! :/ They sure know what's the real deal around my room.

And so, I have to 'hide' it on top of my luggage. Oh, if you notice, I stick something on top of the lid. It's the date I started using it. I've been doing it to all my products just for my record.

Anyway, move on. It's been almost a month using this cream on one part of my stretch marks (just to get the experiment clear and apparent). I really do see changes on that particular part of my stretch marks. I'm not sure if you guys see it with my phone's resolution but I look at it week after week and I'm getting happier as it fades. It certainly didn't DISAPPEAR but I would say DIMINISHED. It's good enough for me.

I'm soooo happy to see how my stretch marks reduced since the first day I used it. XD I'll definitely recommend this to mummies or mummies-to-be or even girls like me that are having the same problem! Have patience girls!


Natta Cosme is generous enough to have a give away to desperate girls like me! Lucky girls will receive 2 sachets of Egyptian Magic Cream(3ml)Just fill in the form at the page attached below and they will pick THREE (3) luckiest ones on 1st August 2014!! Dateline will be 15th July 2014! Good luck people! ě¬

Check our their website for more details about Egyptian Magic Cream!

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Be back soon! Bye

P/S I didn't apply on my thigh every single day due to laziness but it still showed great results! Super awesome for lazy bums like me! Heh!