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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obsessed With Writing


Can someone be so obsessed with writing that they can do it whole day long? Well I think I'm not that serious yet. #deniallevel100 But I really love writing. Not professionally, but in a fun way. I used to keep diaries - on and off. I don't know why it happens but it does. XD As much as I wanted my diaries to last forever, it always stop in between.

OKAY, for now I blame work. Hah.

Again, I was inspired particularly by @happiescrappie's instagram to write again. Her feed is just too much cuteness! All the stickers and handmade planners and.......everything! Cuteness overload! I remember when I was teaching few years back I had loads of sticky notepads and colour pens too. And quite a number of notebooks, filofax. I'll grab anything related to 'cute'. WTM..

Let's just say it's a good excuse to stay home. Or something to occupy my time when I'm home especially during weekdays. But not that I'm obliged to. I just really love all these stuffs. :) Can this be categorise as a hobby? LOL.

It's better to stay put at home, right?