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Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Spots and a Book


Oookay. I've been away for few days and  I've been away from Instagram too. LOL. Doesn't sound like it but true. Normally I would hunt for great feeds in Instragram but lately, I've been moody (PMS kot) Hahaha.. 

well, at least I didn't go around with a steering lock on my hand.LOL.WTM.

Anyway, last week, I went to a few new places for coffee with the bunch of friends and it wasn't that bad overall. Will write about it soon when I'm not this lazy. My point was the book that I read - The Picture of Dorian Gray. I believed for classic fans, you would have seen the movie but I haven't and I don't intend to. This book is already magnificent by itself. I've been wanting to read THE WHOLE book but hmm.. It took quite awhile for me to start picking up the pages again. And this time I finished it. When I was finished with that book, I wondered what took me so long to read it again.



I hold my shyt throughout the last few pages. HAHAHA! No kidding! Will write about what I think about it soon. For book lovers, go get this! It's really a great story! I'll be back soon! Bye!