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Monday, July 21, 2014

Nail Tell #11 - Nail Polish/Art Protector


It's a fine morning,
You get ready with your perfect outfit for your perfect date,
You got your makeup done,
And last but not least, nail time,
But then FUUUUUUU! One or two of your nail art got smudged when you just wanted to pull a few strands of hair to the back!

Dang! You wished you've never painted your nails at the first place.

So..... Yeap. This scenario is always happening to me. Hmph. Maybe I grew so familiar to that scenario I just removed it when it happened.

When Polishville sent me these, I thought it wouldn't help at all. But it did. Removing your nail colours or arts after you've put so much time on it is just frustrating. So I thought "Why not give this a try?". In condition that it has to be clipped properly and precisely on every finger. Then you won't need to worry about getting your nail art smudged.

The role is the same of those toe separators but this looks cooler. Haha.. Polishville is selling these too, at a very reasonable price. You guys should check it out. It does protect your nails and wouldn't ruin your perfect day! Get it from

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