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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Eating Clean


I've been browsing a lot from Instagram on how people make their cereal so much interesting than just in a bowl. And seriously, I feel like throwing up each time I think of it. I think that's the reason why I wouldn't take my oatmeal for reducing my cholesterol. Pfft.

So, I got inspired by a few passionate Instagrammers and I coincidentally got these 'scotch' glasses (LOL.. Not sure what to call it but yeah) at a cheap deal and I got started!

Depending on your daily mood, I picked some grapes from the morning market and had an apple sleeping in the fridge so might as well just use it. Cereals were from BIG store in Publika. The point of my cereal is it's mini packs! And trust me, it's enough for a meal.

It's a scotch glass... I think people do know it's not exactly a breakfast bowl but this thing here I prepared was really fulfilling. Very. Probably due to the yoghurt I added in. But I'm really happy and satisfied with the outcome. Hope this helps me in eating clean and healthy. Health is really important these days, with the haze and pollution and lifestyle.. I just couldn't afford to dump myself in the hospital with all the sickness that will cling on me some day. I need to be healthy and strong - physically (first) and mentally.

Time to store yoghurt and cereals!! LOL Wtm..

Be back soon!