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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cotton Candy from Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21


Last week was pretty relaxing for me as people are already in Raya holiday mood and so was my hospital. So, Friday was half day for people who were still working and I went off to meet up my friends in MINI Glenmarie branch. Hah..Kacau kacau.

Since there were a lot of time, my friend drove me to this cafe nearby my ex-company, Oh Scooter cafe. The ambience was pretty cute, with the scooter theme and their signature coffee that's inviting. Thier signature coffee was, well...something unique. They came up with this cotton candy concept as the 'sugar' (i guess) and you put it on top of the bigger cup of coffee while the smaller espresso to kinda melt it down to the bigger cup. It's a great idea to attract customers and fun to play with too. Hahaha.

The cake was a bit off. I'm not sure if it's the fridge's problem or the cake itself. It smells. I can't tell what is it but it smells. Oh and the macaroons, LOL.. Cute scooters! I tot they were two pop-out eyes at first but I saw the scooter only from side view.

For those who are still in Raya holidays, Selamat Hari Raya!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

What's With the Cut Cake, Jibby & Co.?



It was my first time dining at Jibby & Co., Empire Subang and having a great time with my friend. Then we peeked on their desserts and decided to go for their Best Seller cake - Meteor Cake. And for this, I have to say it's a great cake. I love it (minus those creamy parts) and I can kill someone for this. Lol. WTM.

So my friend wanted to take away their Meteor cake and Mr Lova Lova (I think that's the name of it) but sadly Meteor was sold out. :( Then she picked another cake for replacement. When the take away came, they misunderstood for the other. They thought we were going to have another cake, eating in. But then I told them since they haven't pack them yet, AND COINCIDENTALLY WE SAW THE NEW BATCH OF METEOR CAKE CAME INTO THE FRIDGE DISPLAY (dang), I happily requested to take away Meteor cake instead of the one I ordered earlier.

And the waiter said,
Wait for it

"Sorry, the cake is already cut."

What do you mean by that? Oh, I don't even want to know cause her communication skills went a little wired all night. But it kept me wondering so what if it's already cut? You can still keep it til the next day, with the rest of the cakes.....right? I mean, you DO have to cut the cake before you serve it. I...seriously didn't get it.

And the more I think about it, the more I wasn't satisfied as I paid for the service charges plus it wasn't cheap dining in but that's what I get. :(

My friend wanted the BEST SELLER cake. It's a compliment actually cause it's really yummy and she wanted to get it for her colleagues. So sad.

Dear Jibby & Co., if and only if you're reading this one day.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nail Tell #12 - Sweet Purple Nails


Just in case you're wondering, I'm still on my nail arts. Just didn't write about it that often lately.  So let's start with these purple nail art! Purples is my favourite colour but I don't often wear purple clothes or makeups. But nails seems okay, I guess. Hehe!

Products used:-

1. Pastel purple - Unknown
2. Ring finger purple - Bloop
3.  White polish - Bloop

I used both scotch tape and gold fine tape for the stripes. Not satisfied with it but I will have more practise soon! Wish me luck!


Monday, July 21, 2014

Nail Tell #11 - Nail Polish/Art Protector


It's a fine morning,
You get ready with your perfect outfit for your perfect date,
You got your makeup done,
And last but not least, nail time,
But then FUUUUUUU! One or two of your nail art got smudged when you just wanted to pull a few strands of hair to the back!

Dang! You wished you've never painted your nails at the first place.

So..... Yeap. This scenario is always happening to me. Hmph. Maybe I grew so familiar to that scenario I just removed it when it happened.

When Polishville sent me these, I thought it wouldn't help at all. But it did. Removing your nail colours or arts after you've put so much time on it is just frustrating. So I thought "Why not give this a try?". In condition that it has to be clipped properly and precisely on every finger. Then you won't need to worry about getting your nail art smudged.

The role is the same of those toe separators but this looks cooler. Haha.. Polishville is selling these too, at a very reasonable price. You guys should check it out. It does protect your nails and wouldn't ruin your perfect day! Get it from

Website  Polishville
Facebook Polishville Page


Sunday, July 20, 2014

What's For Breakfast and Dinner?


Last Tuesday was a public holiday. So I woke up early morning. Around 2pm LOL. And end up in Kaffa Espresson Bar again. Just because of my fav Cafe Freddo!  The Big Breakfast was not worth it so I wouldn't recommend that. Along with their pasta too. Just NO.

Well truth be told, I haven't have anything nice to put up in my post lately. Seeing lots of blogs with pretty images is soooo inspiring but mine is just shyt. -_____________-

But anyway, last tuesday was a great day and night for me. Had dinner at Andes in Aman Suria but it wasn't that great anymore. It just doesn't satisfies my tummy as they used to. Oh, they renovated too! I guess everything changed with it.

P/S RIP to MH17.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Spots and a Book


Oookay. I've been away for few days and  I've been away from Instagram too. LOL. Doesn't sound like it but true. Normally I would hunt for great feeds in Instragram but lately, I've been moody (PMS kot) Hahaha.. 

well, at least I didn't go around with a steering lock on my hand.LOL.WTM.

Anyway, last week, I went to a few new places for coffee with the bunch of friends and it wasn't that bad overall. Will write about it soon when I'm not this lazy. My point was the book that I read - The Picture of Dorian Gray. I believed for classic fans, you would have seen the movie but I haven't and I don't intend to. This book is already magnificent by itself. I've been wanting to read THE WHOLE book but hmm.. It took quite awhile for me to start picking up the pages again. And this time I finished it. When I was finished with that book, I wondered what took me so long to read it again.



I hold my shyt throughout the last few pages. HAHAHA! No kidding! Will write about what I think about it soon. For book lovers, go get this! It's really a great story! I'll be back soon! Bye!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, a Day to Chill



I was supposed to write up something about my nails but I don't know why I was so happy today that I just want to make my Sunday, a Sunday. So I'm currently sitting with my friends in a cafe, writing this. Heh... Very chilly. And fun. :)

#1. Not-so-matching - Basically this is my nails for today. And I picked the closest tee I can find from my 'closet'. Lol. But the colours are very eye catchy. Maybe both reds does not match that much but, it'll be just for a day.

#2 Mini towel - Pressie from my friend. Heh! So cute! 

#3 Cafe Freddo - My fav drink in this cafe. Just love every sip of it. Yumss! Cosy and quiet. Not every cafe can have this environment. Or maybe it's not the time for people to come out (yet).

#4 Lamb Shoulder - First try on their food here. I was too hungry to pick anything as everything seems extra tempting! But of course lamb will always be my first choice. Not that bad.. I wouldn't like my mashed potato done that way but perhaps this is their way of doing it. :)

FIFA World Cup finals upcoming soon! Very excited!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obsessed With Writing


Can someone be so obsessed with writing that they can do it whole day long? Well I think I'm not that serious yet. #deniallevel100 But I really love writing. Not professionally, but in a fun way. I used to keep diaries - on and off. I don't know why it happens but it does. XD As much as I wanted my diaries to last forever, it always stop in between.

OKAY, for now I blame work. Hah.

Again, I was inspired particularly by @happiescrappie's instagram to write again. Her feed is just too much cuteness! All the stickers and handmade planners and.......everything! Cuteness overload! I remember when I was teaching few years back I had loads of sticky notepads and colour pens too. And quite a number of notebooks, filofax. I'll grab anything related to 'cute'. WTM..

Let's just say it's a good excuse to stay home. Or something to occupy my time when I'm home especially during weekdays. But not that I'm obliged to. I just really love all these stuffs. :) Can this be categorise as a hobby? LOL.

It's better to stay put at home, right?


Wednesday, July 09, 2014

When You Are Distant.


Friends. They are always torn between something - work, relationships, anything else that fits. But they will be the one that entertain you the most (sometimes the other way round), have fun, stress free and everything that rhymes with HAPPY.

It's so much different from being a uni student and working adults.  You tend to spend less and lesser time with the crowd of friends. And eventually the crowd becomes a smaller group of friends that stays with you. I guess that's what they say about true friendship. :) I try my best to meet up with them whenever I have time. To have great time, sipping coffee and.......taking #selfies. LOL kidding. Selfies aren't invented back when I met these bunch of brats. Haha! But yeah... I always enjoy my time with them, regardless where we spent our time together. 

I also try to occupy my weekends meeting friends. You know, to catch up. I recently have the thought that if I spend too much time alone, sleeping off at home, it'll be such a waste. I mean, I WILL be sleeping forever someday, right? Why don't use up all the time I have now to keep more happy moments? Even my brain's memory is fully packed. WTM..

I do feel bad if I didn't meet them for awhile. Start to miss the silly jokes and chats. Can't move them far from me. I tied a red string on them to me. They are mine! Forever! Hahahaa.. (sounds pretty sick)

So, happy week ahead and may the best comes for the second half of the year! I love the second half! Too much holidays for me to bare! Can't breathe! LOL!

Be happy!


Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Eating Clean


I've been browsing a lot from Instagram on how people make their cereal so much interesting than just in a bowl. And seriously, I feel like throwing up each time I think of it. I think that's the reason why I wouldn't take my oatmeal for reducing my cholesterol. Pfft.

So, I got inspired by a few passionate Instagrammers and I coincidentally got these 'scotch' glasses (LOL.. Not sure what to call it but yeah) at a cheap deal and I got started!

Depending on your daily mood, I picked some grapes from the morning market and had an apple sleeping in the fridge so might as well just use it. Cereals were from BIG store in Publika. The point of my cereal is it's mini packs! And trust me, it's enough for a meal.

It's a scotch glass... I think people do know it's not exactly a breakfast bowl but this thing here I prepared was really fulfilling. Very. Probably due to the yoghurt I added in. But I'm really happy and satisfied with the outcome. Hope this helps me in eating clean and healthy. Health is really important these days, with the haze and pollution and lifestyle.. I just couldn't afford to dump myself in the hospital with all the sickness that will cling on me some day. I need to be healthy and strong - physically (first) and mentally.

Time to store yoghurt and cereals!! LOL Wtm..

Be back soon!



Friday, July 04, 2014

Nail Tell #10 - Gwen Stefani for OPI Swatch

4 In The Morning

Hey Baby


Polishville is generous enough to send another nail polishes for me to swatch! And this time it's from OPI! So I picked the Gwen Stefani for OPI as well as from another collection which I will do a swatch for next post. I love Gwen's collection. The 4 In The Morning looks like black but it's dark ash black. This colour is so special as it's effect is "matte with subtle gleam" which I was so curious about. It dries very quick and NO TOP COAT NEEDED!

Another colour which I picked was Hey Baby - full, smooth coverage and high shine. Hands down on this. I'm not a fan of pink but the colour after my swatch is awesomely pretty! For girls who loves pink, this is IT

I also did a quick art on both colours. The chevron art was hand drawn using Hey Baby, while the polka dots was drawn with 4 In The Morning. Dries fast alone, faster with a good deal of top coat. Hey Baby glosses pretty well. Love it!

You can get it from Polishville from the link provided below. Enjoy!

Webpage Polishville